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Monash/ENCLE – Street Law Train the Trainer Workshop

31st May 2018 09:00
1st June 2018 17:00
Monash University Prato Centre, Via Pugliesi, 26, 59100 Prato, PO, Italia   View map

Across the world, Clinical Legal Education has demonstrated its capacity to change traditional forms of law teaching and contribute to social justice. However, in many parts of Europe it is yet to achieve its potential as a relatively new and underdeveloped form of legal education.

This is true for all forms of clinical legal education but is especially the case for Street Law programs. In many parts of the world, Street Law has demonstrated great capacity to combine hands-on learning with essential social justice contributions to communities in need.

This Train the Trainer workshop in Prato (Italy), organized in cooperation between Monash University (as host) and the European Network for Clinical Legal Education (ENCLE), aims to motivate law teachers/clinical program coordinators to consider opening up (or to improve existing) Street Law programs and to provide them with a best practice framework for street law methodologies.

Session facilitators will be drawn from a wide range of experiences from different jurisdictions to enhance the discussion and demonstrate ideas for best practices. Participants will be able to share their own ideas and experiences whilst learning from others. The workshop is intended for law teacher, clinical teachers, supervisors and coordinators, and participants from NGOs and the legal profession, with a focus on strengthening their ability to prepare students for engagement in street law programs.



This event has passed

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31/05/18: 0830-0900 Coffee & Registration

31/05/18: 0900-0930 Introducation and Focuser

31/05/18: 0930-1000 The Potential of Street Law

31/05/18: 1000-1100 Interactive Methods of Teaching Legal literacy

31/05/18: 1100-1130 Morning Refreshments

31/05/18: 1130-1200 Making Information Accessible and Interesting

31/05/18: 1200-1230 Best Practice in Street Law Programs

31/05/18: 1230-1330 Lunch

31/05/18: 1330-1400 Lesson Plans

31/05/18: 1400-1500 Work on Lesson Plans

31/05/18: 1500-1530 Afternoon Refreshments

31/05/18: 1530-1700 Leson Presentations

31/05/18: 1900-2100 Workshop Dinner

01/06/18: 0900-1030 Presenting Street Law Lessons

01/06/18: 1030-1100 Morning Refreshments

01/06/18: 1100-1230 Presenting Street Law Lessons, continued

01/06/18: 1230-1330 Lunch

01/06/18: 1330-1430 Mock Trials

01/06/18: 1430-1500 Starting a Street Law Program from Scratch

01/06/18: 1500-1530 Afternoon Refreshments

01/06/18: 1530-1630 Developing Street law Networks

01/06/18: Workshop Finish


Workshop details

Workshop Facilitators

The workshop can draw upon the tremendous experience of session facilitators coming from different parts of the world, such as:

Prof. Jeff Giddings, Monash University (Australia)

Prof. David Mcquoid-Mason, University of KwaZulu-Natal (South-Africa)

Prof. Catherine Klein, The Catholic University of America (USA)

Prof. José García Añón, University of Valencia, Generalitat Valenciana (Spain)

Organizing Institutions

The organizing institutions are:

  • Monash University: Monash Law School pioneered Clinical Legal Education in Australia, establishing its first program in 1975. From 2018, Monash Law will be the first law school in Australia to offer a guaranteed clinical education experience for all students who wish to incorporate a practical component credited towards their Monash Law degree. This reflects the Law School’s belief in the transformative effect of experiential education. – see:
  • ENCLE: ENCLE is a European Network of persons committed to achieving justice through education. It aims to bring together persons from different countries, who exchange perspectives and work collaboratively from a variety of legal, educational and organizational settings in order to promote justice and increase the quality of law teaching through Clinical Legal Education (CLE) – see:

Workshop location:

The workshop will take place at the “Salone Grollo” at the Monash University Prato Centre in Via Pugliesi, 26, 59100 Prato PO, Italia (see external link).

Please visit the following website, for more information on how to reach the Monash University Prato Centre:


Please visit the following website, for more information on how suitable accommodation close to the Monash University Prato Centre

Registration Procedure

If you are interested in participating, please register for the Street Law Train the Trainer workshop in the following way (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):

  1. Please fill-in and submit the online registration form (
  2. Transfer the registration fee (= 100€  Workshop fee only or 135€ with Workshop Dinner) to the ENCLE bank account (Bank: Fio banka, a.s. Millennium Plaza, V Celnici 10, 117 21 Praha 1; IBAN: CZ5620100000002700485968, SWIFT/BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX; the bank owner is ENCLE: Evropská síť klinického právního vzdělávání, o.s. 17. listopadu 948/6, 779 00 Olomouc, Czech Republic).
  • Please indicate your full name in message for recipient.
  • N.B.: Please note, that the registration fee (100€) does NOT cover the costs of the workshop dinner on Thursday 31st May 2018 (cost: 35€). If you wish to participate to the conference dinner, please include the cost of the dinner (= 35 €) in the transfer to the ENCLE bank account (thus, the following transfer has to be made: 100 € + 35 € = 135 €).
  • N.B.: Please note in addition, that the registration covers all other costs related to the workshop, but will NOT include costs for accommodation or travel.

IMPORTANT: The registration can only be confirmed once the registration fee has arrived at the ENCLE bank account!

Further information:

  • Fee waiver: Depending on funding available, there might be the possibility to grant a fee waiver. If you wish to apply for a fee waiver, please write an email to Prof. Jeff Giddings ( Please provide reasons on why you cannot afford to pay the workshop registration fee. Please keep in mind that the organizers are trying to put all efforts possible in order to provide those, who are not able to attend the workshop otherwise, with financial support. We therefore would ask you to apply to the fee waiver ONLY in such a situation.