Australian Journal of Clinical Education: Call for Papers – Special Edition

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3rd May 2018
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The AJCE is an open access double blind peer reviewed journal devoted to issues of practice and innovation in clinical education in the disciplines of Law and Health Professional Education.

Special Issue: Teaching and Learning in Interdisciplinary Higher Education: Law and Social and Health Sciences

Guest editor: Caroline Strevens

Background information

One might argue that professional education pays lip serve only to interdisciplinarity. Scholars argue that a particular professional, say a lawyer, can improve the service she gives to her clients if she is able to understand the cultural and societal influences that client faces and to hold understanding of approaches and frameworks from psychology or criminology or sociology in order to better serve her client. This, it is argued, is not the role for interdisciplinary higher education. The role, ideally would create a new language and ethical code. It would cross boundaries such that the professional does not refer her client to another specialist. Nor does the interdisciplinary learning result in better performance as a lawyer in our example. True interdisciplinary education, we would argue, creates the future professional who is able to integrate thinking from disciplines outside her own to create new ways of problem solving.

Call for papers

This peer-reviewed special issue will focus on how legal and health educators (including the Medicine, Health Sciences, Psychology and Nursing disciplines) may work together in interdisciplinary partnerships to enhance teaching and learning environments. Potential contributors may want to consider the following issues relevant to this general topic:

  1. Common and diverse uses of simulation and technology in teaching and learning in the health and law curricula.
  2. Teaching and learning common skills within simulated or live client advice clinics (either in undergraduate or professional programmes).
  3. The use of reflection in assessment.
  4. How an interdisciplinary clinic environment changes teaching and learning methods, eg in culture, pedagogical design, forms of collaborative learning, language and ethics.
  5. Ethical concerns.
  6. Diverse and unified approaches to interdisciplinary team working.
  7. Any other related issues in practice-based interdisciplinary educational practices.

We invite submissions covering any or some of these issues, to be grouped into the following categories:

  1. Full-length articles describing applications in use, the theory underlying them, analysing research results or feedback from participants, and future developments (5-7,000 words)
  2. Shorter articles describing case studies or work in progress (c. 2,000 words)
  3. Simulation or book reviews, etc (250-1,000 words)

Please contact the guest editor, Caroline Strevens, in the first instance as plain text in the body of an email. Deadline for proposals is Tuesday 31 July 2018. Proposals should include the following information, in this order:

  1. Title
  2. Names of author(s), including title(s), post description(s) and organisation(s)
  3. Contact details: email, phone, fax and post
  4. Abstract or project description (250-1,000 words)

Guest editor’s contact details: Caroline Strevens Reader in Legal Education, Head of Portsmouth Law School, United Kingdom, +442392 844240, or by email (, Whatsapp, Zoom or Skype

We will then invite authors to submit full texts of proposals. Full text submissions should be made in word on the AJCE website at: (In the ‘document type’ field, select “Special Issue Topic: Interdisciplinary Education” from the drop down menu.)

Deadlines Date Deadline
31 July 2018 deadline for initial abstracts or proposals
31 August 2018 final notification regarding abstracts or proposals
31 December 2018 deadline for full papers, case studies, reviews
28 March 2019 referee reports on papers submitted to editors and passed to authors for second drafting
31 May 2019 submission of second drafts to editors
31 July 2019 editorial work completed and special edition submitted to journal editor


Stylesheet and further information

A style sheet, referencing guide, and background information for the journal is available at:


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